Roach Doctor [BUY 1 GET 1]
Roach Doctor [BUY 1 GET 1]
Roach Doctor [BUY 1 GET 1]
Roach Doctor [BUY 1 GET 1]
Roach Doctor [BUY 1 GET 1]
Roach Doctor [BUY 1 GET 1]

Roach Doctor [BUY 1 GET 1]

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The Amazing Roach Bait That Kills & Rids Your Home of Roaches



  • ROACH-ATTRACTING FORMULA: Roach Doctor's roach-attracting formula attracts and kills roaches.
  • SYRINGE APPLICATOR: special syringe applicator gets into tight cracks and crevices.
  • INCLUDED: two (2) pre-filled syringes of Roach Doctor cockroach bait. 

Wondering how to get rid of roaches? You can spend a ton of money on an exterminator or use toxic sprays to get rid of a cockroach problem. Or, you can call the doctor – the Roach Doctor™, the roach bait that rids your home of nasty roaches fast. Roach Doctor™ is so easy to use. Just dab it in corners and crevices that roaches that cockroaches like to hide. Roach Doctor™ lures in cockroaches. When one cockroach returns to the nest, Roach Doctor™’s roach-attracting formula helps wipe them out. Most of the roaches are dead after a few hours. All you need is a dab, so one applicator covers several rooms in your home. Get rid of cockroaches fast with Roach Doctor™.

    • Rids your home of cockroaches fast
    • Just dab it in corners where roaches hide
    • Roach-attracting formula lures and kills cockroaches
    • An easy solution to your roach problem
    • One applicator covers several rooms
    • For indoor or outdoor use
    • 1.06-oz (30g) net weight per applicator syringe
    • Includes two (2) syringes of Roach Doctor™ cockroach bait


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